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Episode 2- Salty Cinderella

Fairy-tales, what are they? Who are they for? Why are there countless versions of the same story? Join us for a creation story about why the sea is salty from a Norwegian folk tale.

We discuss Cinderella and her roots,  with an ever evolving story there were bound to be some changes to Cinderella's skipping over all the murder and bodily mutilation.

Here is the link to "Why The Sea is Salty" story. This website has many creation stories and folktales.

Here is a link to the original fairy tales and their gruesome roots

A final website about fairytales

Below are pictures of querns used to grind flour, coffee, etc.

Cinderella and her birds helping her pic up lentils and the scene with the prince putting the slipper on her while her step-sisters feet drip blood.

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